Kirsten Dörmann was educated in Germany (RWTH Aachen University; Dipl. Ing. Arch), Switzerland (ETH Zurich) and the Netherlands (Berlage Institute, Amsterdam; MArch degree). Her thesis, ParisAfrica, under the guidance of Raoul Bunschoten and Elia Zenghelis, was supported through a DAAD grant for postgraduate education. She was assistant professor in Prof. Klaus Kada’s Department of Typology and Design at RWTH Aachen University and visiting lecturer at the University of Cape Town. After moving to Johannesburg in 2005, she worked for The Market Photo Workshop and in 2008 joined the School of Architecture & Planning at the University of the Witwatersrand, where she received the Fuchs Award for excellent teaching in 2013. Since 2002 Dörmann has been part of blacklinesonwhitepaper, a design collaborative whose creative work has been recognised through invitations to major international architectural events. She is currently working on her PhD research about African compounds in Johannesburg.